Growing up in Wisconsin, visiting a cheese factory is practically a right of passage. From an early age, you’re expected to know which cheese you like and from where. Well, maybe that last part is made up, but you get the idea. With so many cheeses and cheese factories to choose from, one can have quite a road trip traveling the backroads of Wisconsin searching for the next great cheese fix.

Me, on the hunt for the best Wisconsin cheese curd.

My quest is to find out which cheese factory in Wisconsin has the best curds, according to me and my tastes. The cheese curds will be rated on a 1 to 5 scale, with one being awful and five being amazing. I want to find the best curd based on flavor, texture, color, size,  but the most important attribute of all, squeakiness.

Along my way, I’ll take day trips with some of my favorite people; including my lactose intolerant husband (that just means there is more cheese for me). My self-described “old-codger” retired dad (who is up for whatever), as well as my prepared-for-anything mom (who packs veggies because I guess you can’t live solely off of cheese).

Lastly, while I would like to think that I would be able to give unbiased cheese curd reviews, I know that those attempts will be futile. I do hope that through my blog, you are able to find which Wisconsin cheese factory(ies) is worth the visit!