The Tale of Two Curds, Widmer’s Cheese Cellars Cont’d

Did you know that in Wisconsin, we produce more than 3 billion pounds of cheese annually? That’s straight up CRAZY! But I really can’t knock it; as I’m not sure how I would live without a cheese factory being within driving distance from my house. (And driving distance for me means the entire state of Wisconsin!)

But back to Widmer’s…

In addition to their brick cheese curds, Widmer’s also makes cheddar curds. Which is great, I mean, that way you can have a curd in each hand! While you can find brick, mozzarella, and other types of cheese curds, cheddar is far more common. When I stopped both kinds of curds came home with me, because really, you can never have too many curds!

Like their brick counterparts, these curds were also sold directly from the refrigerated case. This lead them to be stuck together in a ball. Again, I was let down by the fact that they weren’t made fresh that day. I was told that they only make cheddar curds once a week.

The Taste
A mild flavor of cheddar comes through and the salt taste is kept to a minimum. Sometimes you get cheese curds that taste more like salt than anything, but these aren’t of that variety, which as a cheese curd snob, is refreshing.

A little squeak could be heard; but alas, not a lot of squeak. Again, this is due to the fact that they weren’t made fresh that day and were purchased out of a cooler. Damn refrigeration for messing with my curds!

These curds, like the brick cheese curds, were dense and slightly rubbery. Again, this wasn’t a surprise as I knew that they weren’t made that morning. They were also tightly packed together and formed one large curd clump which you had to finesse to break off an individual curd.

Aside from my afore mentioned disappointments, if you want solid flavor with a squeak, I recommend these. And I have yet to find any cheese factory with the unique character that Widmer’s offers.

A cheesy 4 out of 5 cheese wheels.

Whole Cheese Wheel 75x75Whole Cheese Wheel 75x75Whole Cheese Wheel 75x75Whole Cheese Wheel 75x75

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